The Company

Metrobuildings is a leading company in structuring and execution of real estate projects in latin america

We are a team with more than 20 years of experience. We promote strategic partnerships and identify real-estate potential to develop assets in a comprehensive manner. We study cities, search for the land, and manage the purchase of it. We take care of the architectural development of projects, get the permits, structure the financing, and coordinate the construction, commissioning, and operation

This results in high quality, innovative projects in consolidated areas of major Latin American cities, where new spaces are generated.

We promote and close strategic partnerships with institutional investors

As experts in rental properties, the best asset class of real estate portfolios for institutional investors in developed markets, Metrobuildings boosts the various advantages of this product-highly diversified assets, high liquidity of investment, protection against inflation and recessive periods, in addition to the preservation of the value in the long term.

In 2016, the company managed the most important purchase in the industry. This was the purchase of the rental property portfolio of Prudential in 2016 for two investors and clients of Metrobuildings. Also, as part of this process, Metrobuildings has created a Property Manager to manage a portfolio including more than 2,000 residential units and 5 shopping centers in Mexico City and Monterey.

In Argentina, Metrobuildings does business under the name MB Argentina S.A.

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